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Definition: Back Office (noun)

1. The administrative tasks associated with running a business, including accounting and taxes.

2. All of the boring stuff smart companies outsource to CFO Spark’s accounting nerds!

Spend thousands of dollars between multiple vendors and endless hours connecting the dots between them.

Toil away for hundreds of extra hours a year doing it themselves

Hire an in-house team that requires additional resources, and their own desks!

These can be great options for some businesses, except that none of them are scalable, and none of them are directly focused on making you more money.

But those days are over!

The CFO Spark Extension

We give small to medium size businesses a full finance and accounting team of their own, one that has overseen thousands of companies.

  • Prepare and maintain financial accounts
  • Meticulously manage books
  • Actively review and categorize transactions
  • Perform month and year end reconciliations
  • Handling tax preparation and filing
Account Manager & Client Advocates

When you have questions, you’ll know you can expect a quick response from your dedicated client success team.


We meticulously manage your books so tasks like paying bills and invoicing clients is hassle-free, and your cash runway and balance sheets are always up to date.

Tax Experts

We’ll ensure that your taxes are filed and paid, identify potential credits and deductions, and keep you in compliance so you can avoid unpleasant conversations with the IRS.


We’re experts in the minutiae of accounting and we’ll use our financial superpowers to oversee your business financials and schedule regular reviews to help you succeed.

Drive your business with simple,

insightful accounting software

Our easy-to-use software brings your finances together so you can manage them from anywhere via our web-based interface. Get a snapshot of your company’s financial health, review key financials, and see value & cost centers at a glance.

Custom reporting dashboard

Secure vendor transactions

Real-time bank account sync

Streamlined client invoicing

Simple employee reimbursements

Revenue generation insight by customer


See why working with Bloomtri is different than traditional back-office solutions.